Don't let someone steal your dreams!

While doing your due diligence on Karatbars, please remember that the internet is the wild west with no rules or governing body. Literally, anybody can say anything and there are some unscrupulous people out there with many agendas. Karatbars has served as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom for many people and it could be for you as well. So please consider the following before you let someone steal your dreams!

The following facts are documented and verifiable:

1. The largest fund raiser customer of Karatbars is the Vatican (see the third 100,000 run card below with the picture of the Pope on it). Do you think that the Vatican would allow Karatbars to put the picture of the Pope on a card if they had concerns about the company? They certainly vetted Karatbars and said YES!

2. Karatbars has their own private issue MasterCard. They certainly vetted Karatbars and said YES!

3. FedEx International partners with Karatbars and guarantees delivery in over 100 countries. They also house operations within the Karatbars building. YES!

4. A three judge tribunal in Quebec investigated Karatbars for 3 years and deemed the referral system a legitimate business model. YES!

Achieve financial freedom!

Karatbars was formed to protect people from the dangers of paper currencies and to provide an opportunity for people to achieve financial freedom by spreading the word about Karatbars and their mission.

Acquire Gold, Save in Gold, Use the Global Gold Payment System and Help Others do the Same.

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